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Testimonials from clients that have experienced gorilla tracking in Uganda

"We loved Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Our Uganda Safari completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you for making our Uganda holiday so memorable."

- Beverly & Simon Hughes

Uganda Wildlife: Not just Gorillas & Chimpanzees

The Wildlife that Uganda has to offer

Although most commonly associated with the mountain gorilla of Bwindi and the chimpanzee of Kibale it is also worth noting that the bio-diversity and wildlife of Uganda is some of the best that can be experienced anywhere in the world. With its well protected National Parks, huge lakes and rivers, deep gorges, mountain ranges and volcanoes, Uganda offers spectacular wildlife and safari game viewing in a truly breath-taking environment.

"there is something magical about gorilla tracking as you make your way through the impenetrable Bwindi Forest"

Gorilla Tracking

Uganda is home to over 50% of the worlds gorilla polpulation. Uganda is known as the Land of the Mountain Gorilla.

With approximately 50% of the world’s mountain gorilla population, it’s easy to see why we call Uganda the ‘Land of the Mountain Gorilla’. The best place in all of Uganda to witness the mountain gorilla is Bwindi National Park (read our  Gorilla Tracking experiences), it’s estimated that 330 gorilla live here. Bwindi is very heavily forested so it is wise to be prepared for some tough mountain gorilla tracking, but it will all be worth it as soon as you catch your first glimpse of these amazing animals. The other park that is inhabited by a mountain gorilla troop is the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. However this park is at the confluence of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and the troops range can take them into these other countries.Click here for more information on gorillas.

"Kibale National Park is especially famous for its primates and as such Chimpanzee tracking can be incredible in this region of Uganda."

Ugandas other Pimates

1 1/2 hours of gorilla trekking in Bwindi, we were met by this sight!

With Uganda’s star attraction being the mountain gorilla it’s easy to overlook the many other primates that make their home in the jungles of Uganda. Bwindi National Park plays host to at least 10 species of primate and Kabale National Park is home to 13 primate species, more than any other East African park. The list of primates that can be found include the red-tailed L’Hoest, blue monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, red colobus, black and white colobus, habituated chimpanzees and the baboon. Kibale National Park is especially famous for its primates and as such Chimpanzee tracking can be incredible in this region of Uganda.

Uganda is the best location in the world for chimpanzee tracking

a rewarding sight after 2 hours of chimpanzee tracking!There are 5 recognised sub-species of chimpanzee within Africa; Uganda is home to the ‘Pan Troglodytes Schweinfurthii’ sub-species, also known as the Eastern Common Chimpanzee. Unfortunately, contrary to its more wildly used name, the Eastern Common Chimpanzee is actually classified as endangered. In fact populations of chimpanzees have already been wiped out in 5 central African countries. Fortunately Uganda has in recent years adopted a very successful conservation strategy, with the money made through National Park fees, gorilla tracking permits, chimpanzee tracking permits, etc being reinvested into the conservation of Uganda’s native wildlife. Consequently a recent chimpanzee census has actually shown that numbers of chimpanzees have actually grown in recent years. Today Uganda is possibly the best place in the whole of Africa for chimpanzee tracking, and Kibale National Park with the highest density of wild chimpanzees. Click here for more information on chimpanzees.

"Today Uganda is possibly the best place in the whole of Africa for chimpanzee tracking"

The Birds of Uganda

Uganda is famous for birdspotting with birds like the shoebill stork to be found

Uganda also boasts some of the greatest locations in the world for bird watching. Bwindi National Park is a sanctuary for 350 species of bird and Lake Mburo National Park is a sanctuary for 357 species of bird. These include Uganda’s National Bird the crested crane, the marabou stork, bronze-tailed starling, bee-eaters and even more exotic birds such as the blue-naped coucal and the Nubian woodpecker. Uganda is also home of the rare shoebill stork of which only 1000 are left in the wild. On an average 2 week bird spotting tour of Uganda it is not uncommon to see over 400 different species of bird. Few other countries can boast such wildlife density!

"Uganda boasts some of, if not the greatest locations the world for bird watching"

Uganda's Beautiful Landscape

one of the amazing waterfalls to be seen chimpanzee tracking thro through Uganda

Uganda is a land that breaks the mould of people’s perceptions of a traditional African country. One fifth of the total size of Uganda comprises of water and almost half of the world’s second largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria, lies within Uganda’s border. The Ugandan part of Lake Victoria is also the source of the world’s largest river, the Nile. Central Uganda sits in a basin and is occupied by a number of lakes. During the wet season these lakes flood forming a huge swampland that’s rich in game and life. The various water bodies and altitude of Uganda lead to a climate that has created a lush, green, fertile country, with incredibly diverse wildlife.

"Uganda is a land that breaks the mould of people’s perceptions of a traditional African country"

The perfect Safari

just some of the amazing Ugandan wildlife to be seen on a safari

There are many of the more traditional safari animals to be found in Uganda including zebra, buffalo, hippo, leopard, elephant, lion, giraffe and impala. Uganda also has some of the rarer animals like the giant forest hog, aardvark, pangolin, porcupine and most special of all the forest elephant. This strange animal is smaller and hairier than its savannah counterpart and is a shy creature. Uganda has 2 reported herds, the easier of which to find being the 20-strong herd in Bwindi National Park.

Uganda: the last great un-touched oasis

Trekking through the jungles of Uganda opens the traveller up to flowers and fauna that are beyond words in their beauty, blankets of thousands of butterfly and scores of the world’s most impressive mammal species. Come and see why we believe Uganda is one of the last true un-spoilt oases on earth.

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