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"We loved Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Our Uganda Safari completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you for making our Uganda holiday so memorable."

- Beverly & Simon Hughes

The Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are recognised as our closet living relative

Chimpanzees are widely recognised by scientists as our closet living relative, sharing approximately 99% of our DNA. Once you are in the presence of these creatures it is easy to see how genetically similar they are to us; they laugh, play, socialise, and generally display very human like characteristics. Further more in the 1960’s Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees also create and use tools to help them in their natural environment; this ability was once thought of as the defining characteristic between humans and animals.

There are two species of chimpanzee, the Pan troglodytes, better known as the common chimpanzee which live primarily in West, and Central Africa; and the Pan paniscus or the “Pygmy Chimpanzee” which can be found in the forests south of the Congo River. The two species are in fact divided by the Congo River. Although the anatomical differences between the two species of chimpanzee are very small, their behaviour is very different. The Common chimpanzees have a omnivorous diet with a troop hunting culture based around beta males led by a alpha male, whist the Pygmy Chimpanzees have a mostly herbivorous diet with a democratic / matriarchal society.

A young chimpanzee plays in Kibale National Park

Amoung the 5 recognised sub-species of chimpanzee within Africa; Uganda is home to the ‘Pan Troglodytes Schweinfurthii’ sub-species, or the Eastern Common Chimpanzee. The common chimpanzee is native to the tropicl forests and wet savans of Western and Central Africa.

Unfortunately, contrary to its more wildly used name, the Common Chimpanzee is actually classified as endangered. In fact populations of chimpanzees have already been wiped out in 5 central African countries.

Fortunately Uganda has in recent years adopted a very successful conservation strategy, with the money made through National Park fees, gorilla tracking permits, chimpanzee tracking permits, etc being reinvested into the conservation of Uganda’s native wildlife. Consequently a recent chimpanzee census has actually shown that numbers of chimpanzee have actually grown in recent years. Today Uganda is possibly the best place in the whole of Africa for chimpanzee tracking, and Kibale National Park with the highest density of wild chimpanzees is perhaps the best location in the country.

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