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Testimonials from clients that have experienced gorilla tracking in Uganda

"We loved Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Our Uganda Safari completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you for making our Uganda holiday so memorable."

- Beverly & Simon Hughes

Travel Information

Travel in Uganda is characterised by a stunning landscape of green rolling hills, snow capped mountains, rainforests, stunning rivers and colossal lakes. Although perhaps more famous for gorilla trekking than for safaris no other country can match its amazing diversity of habitats including a number of outstanding national parks for your safari experience. The largest and most spectacular of them is the 3,840 sq. km Murchison Falls National Park which is renowned for its rolling savannah, tall grasslands and thick bush as well as the magnificent waterfalls after which the park is named.

Uganda: When to Visit

Equatorial Uganda enjoys a tropical climate which is tempered by altitude and shows very little variation throughout the year. Due to the rather high average altitude of 1000m temperatures range between 21 to 28 degrees however this may increase slightly from December to February.

There are two wet seasons in Uganda and these vary depending on the region. In the south the wettest month of the year is April with the rainy seasons stretching from April to May and October to November. The wet season in the north is from April to October with the rest of the year being fairly dry. The best times to visit Uganda are December-March and June-September but be prepared for rain throughout the year.

Uganda: Flights & Travel

Getting to Uganda is easy, with regular flights from Europe landing at Entebbe International Airport, just 40km from Kampala. Alternatively you can fly into Nairobi and take a connecting flight or a direct coach which runs on a daily basis.

Public transport connects all major centres and is generally inexpensive. The transport ranges from government operated buses to privately owned matatus( minibus / taxi ).

To explore the game parks you will require a vehicle, therefore a hired vehicle is an essential part of any successful trip to Uganda and is certainly the most comfortable way to explore the country. Although a 2WD saloon car will be able to reach most sites in the dry season we recommend a 4WD vehicle for the additional clearance and peace of mind. Prices range from £60 per day for a small Suzuki Jeep to £120 per day for a Toyota Land Cruiser.

On any trip to Uganda you can expect to experience road conditions that range from excellent to very poor and good maps can be hard to find in Uganda, however they are readily available in Europe North America.

Uganda: Passports & Visas

Holders of UK passports do require a visa for Uganda however holders of ROI passports do not. Other nationalities should contact our sales team on +44 (0)28 9073 6050 for more information.

Uganda: Money

The Ugandan currency is the Ugandan shilling (USH). The main branch of Barclays Bank in Kampala is authorised to give cash advances on credit cards. USD notes (only post 2000 series) and traveller’s cheques are widely accepted in Uganda. Please note that in some rural areas, an unbroken USH 5,000 note may cause a problem. The exchange rate for the Ugandan shilling fluctuates around 1 GBP to 3,500 USH.

Uganda: Health

A Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory if you are travelling from an infected area. No other vaccinations are compulsory, however there are a number of vaccinations that are recommended such as Hepatitis, Meningitis, Polio, Tetanus and Typhoid.

It is recommended that you drink bottled water whilst in Uganda or purify all your water by boiling or sterilising it with iodine or chlorine tablets. Use your discretion when eating local foods and peels and wash all fruit and vegetables.

Uganda: Language

Over 30 languages or dialects are spoken in Uganda, making communication difficult at times. Fortunately, English is widely spoken with remote, rural areas being an exception.

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