A mountain gorilla in Uganda

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"We loved Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Our Uganda Safari completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you for making our Uganda holiday so memorable."

- Beverly & Simon Hughes

Bwindi National Park

A mountain gorilla in Bwindi National Park

West across the Albertine Rift Valley is the ancient forest of Bwindi. Bwindi in the local dialect actually means ‘dark’, and as you approach the park is obvious why it is was named the 'Dark' Impenetrable National Park, fortunately this inaccessibility has ensured the preservation of large tracks of pristine rainforest. The deep river gorges and high ridges have remained forested for millions of years resulting in an incredible biodiversity. Above everything Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is incredibly atmospheric. Steams and pools of water swirl with the sound of tree frogs, the canopy constantly rustles with the movement of monkeys, squirrels and birds whilst at the back of your mind you have the knowledge that the forest is also home to chimpanzees and gorillas.

Bwindi has at least 90 mammal species, 350 species of birds, 200 species of trees, huge numbers of butterflies, and most importantly, it is home to around half the world’s population of mountain gorilla as well as numerous other primates including the chimpanzee.

At present there are 23 family units located within Bwindi – 3 of these family groups have been habituated to humans, group M, group K and group H. The is no gaurentee that you will see the habituated gorillas but the chances are very strong, the three groups are tracked on a daily basis, so their trail can be easyily picked up.

The Bwindi terrain is hilly, very muddy and can involve scrambling through dense vegetation, when gorilla tracking, you should be prepared for an arduous days trekking anything from 15 minutes to 8 hours but there is no doubt that mountain gorilla tracking through jungle and mountain forest is one of the most amazing wildlife experiences in the world. Although gorilla tracking is the main focus of any visit, there are several forest trails ranging from a half hour walk to several hours hard trekking. Read Sarah's and Jamie’s Gorilla Tracking experiences

The Ugandan Wildlife Authority was developed in partnership with local communities to encourage development through conservation, this enables local people such as those surrounding Bwindi National Park to improve their standard of living through better agricultural practices, thus reducing pressure on the Bwindi forest resources. The park employs local people as wardens, researchers and rangers, local communities receive a proportion of the Bwindi National Park’s income.