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Testimonials from clients that have experienced gorilla tracking in Uganda

"We loved Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Our Uganda Safari completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you for making our Uganda holiday so memorable."

- Beverly & Simon Hughes

Uganda Experiences

Gorilla Tracking Uganda Senior Sales Advisor, Sarah Chatteris reflects on her Mountain Gorilla Trekking Experience in Uganda

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Sarah before her mountain gorilla trekking experianceMy Ugandan tour took place in October 2006, it was a first but will most definitely not be the last. I totally fell in love with this country and its people. On arrival there is the expected culture shock but everywhere you pass in Uganda the children jump up and wave just for the joy of having you wave back. Their smiles light up their conceived dismal surroundings.

The highlight of my trip was my mountain gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi National Park. The gorilla trekking for my group took an hour and a half but it can be as long as seven, depending on where the gorillas are located. The walk itself (without gorillas) gave spectacular views – green hills filled with dense forest intermixed with plantations of tea and coffee.

The first mountain gorilla we saw after 2 hours of gorilla trekking!When we finally reached the gorillas I couldn’t believe how close we were. We had tracked a family of six – one silverback, two females and three toddlers. The toddlers were in the trees at first and they were like Tarzan sliding down the monkey ropes. We spent an hour watching them. The youngsters were the most fascinating. They played exactly like children – or more like WWF wrestlers! They were throwing each other around and having a ball of a time. The females and the silverback just sat around scratching, eating and sleeping. It was the most moving experience and I had tears running down my face. We spent an hour in their company. I am so lucky to have seen them when there are only about 320 mountain gorillas left in the world and so few people get to experience what I have.

My next stop was Queen Elizabeth National Park. It was quite strange moving from this area of banana plantations and greenery to your typical African savannah. This is why Uganda is an ideal African destination because you can combine a primate safari (Uganda is also THE place to see chimps) but you can also do a traditional safari in a park which has four of the big five (no rhino).

Ugandan locals in BwindiI was also privileged to visit a relatively rural village where the people are essentially living in very simple homes with no running water or electricity. They were the most welcoming of people and kept saying how honoured they were to have me there and I could only say that the honour was really all mine! What I love about Bonifence, our partner in Uganda, is that he is very much involved with community tourism.The money that tourists pay to his company stays in Uganda and employs Ugandans.

In Uganda you are you are continually awestruck by the scenery. I would highly recommend it to anyone who truly wishes to escape all of the stresses of western life and experience something entirely unique. My visit was far too short considering the vastly different experiences Uganda has to offer.

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